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We have a choice

Thursday, 27 September 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tasveera Singh
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As the global village transitions to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we have a choice of either embracing it or being left behind staring in awe at the marvel of the antics of the robots and drones that have been embraced by others.

Many of our schools still teach the first industrial revolution under the heading: “The Industrial Revolution”, and in so doing, deny the fact that the second and third industrial revolutions ever happened. As a result of us burying our heads in the sand, as a continent, these periods of development passed us by. We were unable to compete with those who embraced and participated in such development.

The First Industrial Revolution took place between 1760 and 1840, with a transition from home industry to new manufacturing processes. This was followed with the Second Industrial Revolution during the period 1870 to 1914 which was in fact a “Technological Revolution.” During the 1950’s we saw the move to digitalization which brought on the Third Industrial Revolution.

The world is currently moving towards robots and drones to perform the tasks that we would otherwise have had to perform at home and in the workplace.

We have a choice. We could sit back in fear and trepidation of the impact that such development could have on our workforce, or we could embrace the development by reskilling ourselves to take up the new occupations that will accompany such development.

Firstly, encourage our children to study subjects at schools which will direct them towards such careers of the future. Participate in teacher-parent meetings and ask questions regarding such subject streams. If your school does not have such subject streams, push for it.

Secondly, those entering post school education should be encouraged to consider studies in this field. Options currently on offer include: mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, remote engineering, robotics, etc.

Thirdly, those currently employed as artisans and the supervision of artisans, should consider reskilling themselves to ensure their ongoing relevance in the workplace.

Global development is a reality and not a sci-fi movie. Let us become an active participant and driver of this reality.

Victor Smith | Training Manager

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