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Master Builders Construction Health and Safety Skills programme

Thursday, 28 June 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tasveera Singh
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A 26 credit, CETA accredited Skills Programme, based on the qualification: National Certificate Construction Health and Safety, NQF 3


There is currently a shortage of qualified occupational health, safety and environmental practitioners with specific construction industry knowledge. Due to the dynamic nature of all construction projects as opposed to the more static nature of factories and mines, as well as the fact that construction sites pose hazards more orientated towards safety than health, or hygiene specifically, it was felt that greater emphasis should be placed on occupational safety content rather than occupational hygiene and environmental management.  Health and Safety Practitioners are required to register with SACPCMP, and many who have been employed to fulfil these functions, fall short of the required Education and Training.

Purpose of this CETA Registered Skills Programme

Learners will be equipped to work in the construction industry with a broad understanding and knowledge of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental legislation and controls. They will be able to deal with health and safety problems and issues on construction sites.

Qualifying learners will be able to responsibly, independently and effectively manage themselves on construction sites regarding generic health and safety issues. Learners will be able to identify and evaluate occupational safety, hygiene and environmental factors in occupational environments which may have a detrimental effect on the health and safety of people in such environments.

This CETA accredited Skills Programme will assist the delegate in meeting the criteria for Health and Safety Officer.

Those who meet the assessment criteria will be awarded a certificate of competency

Learners credited with this skills programme will be capable of:

Explaining the requirements of current, relevant legislation and accepted theories impacting on Health, Safety and Environmental issues in the construction environment.

Recognising, assessing and reporting health and safety hazards and situations on the relevant construction site.

Administering various functions required to ensure health and safety on construction sites to encourage safety awareness and behaviour.

What is the course outline?

Apply health and safety to a work area - 3 credits

·         Identify potential hazards in the work area.

·         Limit damage to persons or property in the case of an emergency.

·         Follow procedures that apply to illness or injury in the work area.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant current legislation – 4 credits

·         Demonstrate knowledge of how to prepare for planned task observation at a working place.

·         Conduct a planned task observation at a working place.

·         Record and follow-up.

Demonstrate an understanding and implement environmental initiatives – 6 credits

·         Demonstrate an understanding of the value of environmental management.

·         Implement environmental management initiatives during pre-construction activities.

·         Implement environmental management initiatives during construction activities.

·         Implement environmental management initiatives during post- construction activities.

Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace – 4 credits

·         Explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting continuous risk assessments.

·         Prepare to conduct a continuous risk assessment.

·         Conduct a continuous risk assessment.

·         Initiate remedial action and follow up on Continuous Risk Assessment.

Conduct an investigation into workplace incidents – 5 credits

·         Explain the specified requirements pertaining to conducting an investigation into workplace incidents.

·         Prepare to gather data for the investigation.

·         Gather and evaluate data.

·         Perform post-investigation functions.

Respond to, implement and manage emergencies according to an emergency action plan in a workplace – 2 credits

·         Describe the specified requirements pertaining to responding to emergencies according to an emergency action plan in a workplace.

·         Implement and manage emergency action plan procedures.

·         Respond to emergencies according to action plan procedures.

Participate in the implementation and evaluation of a safety and health management programme in the workplace – 2 credits

·         Explain the requirements for the implementation of a safety and health management programme in the workplace.

·         Implement the procedures for evaluating safety and health performance in a workplace, as required by the safety and health management programme.

·         Evaluate performance of workplace safety activities required by the safety and health management programme.

Duration: 10 days

Entrance Criteria: NQF 2 Literacy and Mathematics

In-house and Public courses are available

Victor Smith | Training Manager



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